(mmap-file fpath options)(mmap-file fpath)

Memory map a file returning a native buffer. fpath must resolve to a valid Options

  • :resource-type - maps to tech.v3.resource :track-type, defaults to :auto.
  • :mmap-mode
    • :read-only - default - map the data as shared read-only.
    • :read-write - map the data as shared read-write.
    • :private - map a private copy of the data and do not share.


(set-mmap-impl! mmap-fn)

Set the system mmap implementation to use. There are three provided under the mmap directory -

  • mmodel - Use the JDK-17 memory model. You have to have the module enabled.
  • larray - Use LArray mmap - default if available.

If unset then the system will try to load the jdk-17 namespace, then larray.